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Parent and Family Center Room 109

Parent and Family Center Overview

 As a school, we strive to help children pursue their dreams and reach their fullest academic potential.  Being that parents are the first teachers of our students, the Parent & Family Center provides learning and volunteer opportunities to help parents support their child’s learning at home and at school. The Parent& Family Center serves as a resource to ensure that parents are valued as equal partners and stakeholders on behalf of our children, as well as to help remove barriers to student success. 

The Parent & Family Center provides resources on various topics (testing information, college admissions, parenting strategies, etc.), as well as referrals for family support, wrap-a-round services, and community collaborations. There is technology available with internet access, for parents to complete school-related forms, access the Parent Portal, apply for jobs and other career-readiness tasks, search for family resources, explore prospective colleges and careers, and other tasks related to the direct success of their student(s) and family.

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Hamilton parents & families. Your support is always welcome. There are number of ways to get involved. You can participate as a volunteer, helping with ongoing event/activities and needs. You can also participate on one of our many parent advisory committees.”
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