Associated Student Body

This is ASB? 
The Associated Student Body, better known as ASB, is a team of academically driven, talented, and motivated student leaders who represent our student body here at Hamilton High School. Our purpose is to serve as a communication bridge between our students and administrators in order to create the best school culture. We are in charge of hosting student events such as Club Rush, Homecoming, UCLA blood drives, and many more to promise an enjoyable high school experience. Our top priorities are to ensure voices are heard and to overall have a positive school culture. ASB is the unification of our students and our administrators.
ASB President's Messages

Hello Yankees, my name is Isabella Lopez and it is both an honor and privilege to introduce myself as your ASB President. I welcome you all to a year full of enjoyable experiences that will create memories that last a lifetime. For those of you who don’t really know who I am, I would like to assure you that maintaining our inclusive and positive school culture will always be my top priority. I will work very closely with our staff and students to ensure your voice is heard and followed up by actions! On behalf of my entire ASB team we are excited to be able to host events that will raise your spirit and bring you all together while creating the best experiences. Thank you.

- Isabella Lopez, ASB President ‘23

ASB Current Events
  • Homecoming Dance (11/5/22)
ASB Current Events
September Spirit Week
September 6 - Teen Beach Tuesday
September 7 - Adam Sandler
September 8 - Childhood Wear
September 9 - Yankee Pride
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Student Clubs
Students who attend Hamilton High School have many activities and groups to join that suit a variety of interests. Under the purview of our Associated Student Body (ASB), there are dozens of clubs and organizations operating, and if a student wants to start their own club they are encouraged to do so. The clubs are categorized as Cultural, Leadership, Identity, Hobby, and Community Service clubs. Some of our clubs include Black Student Union (BSU), Latino Student Organization (LaSO), Desi/ASA, Jewish Club, and GSA.
Academically, there are clubs of interest such as Robotics, Girls in Stem, Economics Club, Psychology Club, and Penn Model Congress, in addition to our Academic Decathlon team. Community Service clubs have held fundraisers and collect donations and bring awareness to causes of concern. There are also ways for your voice to be heard through activism with such clubs as Students Deserve and WOC for Activism. Students at Hamilton are very active in making our school community as well as society as a whole a better place. We do all of this as One Hami!  Click here to see a list of our clubs!
ASB email: [email protected]
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Kharli Allen
Chair of Personnel
Milan Dawson
Attorney General
Jane Han
Keira Cahill
Vice President
Mason Katz
Montana Johnson
Director of Communication