BITA Overview

Engaging Educational Experiences by Connecting Curriculum to Technology and Real World Experiences is the goal of Business and Interactive Technology Academy (BITA). Our faculty provides an engaging, educational experience which incorporates rigorous academic curricular standards while at the same time integrating technology skills across every discipline. The BITA mission is to enhance the quality of students’ academic experiences through the use of technology and the integration of business principles. BITA focuses on preparing students for careers in business, both as entrepreneurs and as skilled workers. To do this, BITA strives to provide real world experiences for students in business related fields through partnerships, mentorships, internships, and field trips. Further, honors and AP courses are available to BITA students. 

In addition to fulfilling the A-G academic requirements, the BITA curriculum includes instruction in Financial Literacy, Computer Technology and Entrepreneurship. BITA allows its students to achieve professional certifications in Microsoft Office and the Adobe Product Suite. Furthermore, BITA has competed in the UCLA Project Echo (Entrepreneurial Concepts—Hands-On) business plan competition and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship local and regional competition. 


BITA Current Events
  • Club Rush / September 22nd
  • The BITA Leadership club completed the our SLC Logo mural in the Technology Building hallway on the first floor
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Director's Statement
1Hi, my name is Jenise Cooley and I welcome you to the Business Interactive Technology Academy (BITA).  BITA focuses on an engaging curriculum by incorporating real-world experiences and career technical educational connections. The Academy incorporates creating a close family-like atmosphere emphasizing on student achievement and positive outcomes. An important component part of our BITA program is to meet the A-G academic requirements and the Entrepreneurship Pathway. In addition to meeting the academic requirements, the pathway curriculum includes instruction in Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Business Education and Computer Technology.
Our faculty provides an educational curriculum which incorporates rigorous academic curricular standards while at the same time integrating career technical educational skills. They also play an important role in developing necessary principles and skills, while establishing techniques for making wise consumer decisions needed for BITA students to succeed in life beyond their high school experiences.
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Alumni Updates
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