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Black Student Union

The Hamilton High School Black Student Union (BSU) is a student organization that seeks to guide all of its members toward the aims of scholarship, leadership, and service. With almost 400 active members BSU is one of the largest organizations of its kind in the Los Angeles Unified School District. An Executive Board which consists of executive officers, committee leaders, and grade-level representatives serves as the lead arm and guides the overall direction of the organization.  Individual committees are charged with the task of doing the daily work of BSU, and the grade level representatives communicate to the members of their respective grade levels during weekly meetings.

Visit us at https://hamiltonbsu.com/




Attention BSU members, prospects, and potential members!

 If you are planning on joining the BSU at Hamilton, you must complete a registration form. EVERYONE who wishes to participate in the BSU this upcoming school year must complete this form, this includes current members. 

Please complete the following form to register to the Black Student Union:


For more information about the BSU at Hamilton, please visit https://hamiltonbsu.com