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Hamilton High School has 3 psychiatric social workers (PSWs) 5 days per week located in room 100. PSWs are placed at primary and secondary school settings throughout Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to support the social emotional well-being of our students. School-based programs may vary from school to school, based on the needs of the community. At Hamilton High School, the PSWs provide a much-needed introduction to mental health support. Services include brief counseling and psycho education, student advocacy, crisis intervention and safety planning, referrals to community based mental health services, and other necessary case management services that improve one's ability to excel at education and enjoy student life. 
Hamilton currently has 1 school based PSW supporting the entire student population, as well as 2 PSWs on special assignment with the Black Student Achievement Plan (BSAP). Although the BSAP PSWs support school-wide interventions that improve the emotional well-being of all students, they are only able to provide individualized services with students identified as apart of the BSAP initiative. (learn more about BSAP here) 
Mental Health at Hamilton High
Meet our PSW's
Devyn Amos, LCSW, PPSC
School-Based Services
Ms. Amos is currently on leave. Please reach out to the academic counselor assigned to your student for further assistance. 
Evin Capel, LCSW, PPSC