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Governance Councils

Expanded School-Based Management: LAUSD has approved the school’s plan for alternative governance structures as outlined in the proposal.

Governing Bodies at Hamilton:

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) The Parent Advisory Committee’s (PAC) provides an authentic parent voice through engaging in review and generating advice and comment to the LAUSD Board of Education and Superintendent, to ensure that the District’s Local Control and Accountability Plan (LAUSD LCAP) reflects the input of District parents, a key stakeholder group


Campus Council This representative body has the responsibility for broad school management such as curriculum, professional development, and special bell schedules.  They also control some of the funds in the budget (such as instructional materials, IMA)


School Site Council (SSC) The SSC is the decision-making council responsible for allocating resources to support the programs, services and actions identified in the SPSA for all programs funded through the Consolidated Application (ConAp).


English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC): This representative body is to provide written recommendations to the SSC regarding programs and services for EL students.  Recommendations should be based on students’ performance and parental involvement data. 


Instructional Cabinet Under the review of Campus Council and SSC, review instructional practices of the school with representation from each SLC and Department and implement new strategies to meet every students’ needs.