AMPA Overview


The Academy of Music and Performing Arts views the arts as essential to the human spirit. We engage and support students who have a passion for music and/or performing arts. Students are prepared to make informed future educational and career choices by immersing them in challenging and rigorous performance programs which are fused with academics, evolving technologies, and professional experiences. This is a place of artistic integrity, where students may collaborate on artistic endeavors to expand their technique and knowledge. 


AMPA is a qualified educational program which develops students through a curriculum that integrates the performing arts and college preparatory academies. AMPA students can choose from a variety of AP courses, join any club, and take classes after school through the on-campus West LA College program or any other accredited community college. Our graduation rate is 95% and AMPA students are also proud to be admitted to renowned conservatories and top universities. We create and develop critical thinking as well as develop students academically, artistically, and socially; so they leave school as independent, cooperative, responsible and creative young adults.


Interested in attending AMPA next year?  Join us for an info session and tour, availalable every Thursday in Oct.  
Director's Statement
1Hi, my name is Michelle Espinosa and I Welcome you to the Academy of Music and Performing Arts, AMPA! Our goal is to provide students opportunities on stage, backstage, in the studio, behind the camera, and everywhere else the performing arts have a place. Our students study for 4 years, working toward a “major” in a specific performing arts discipline. While students focus in a single discipline for all their years in AMPA, they are encouraged to take at least 3 other courses to support that discipline or to expand their understanding of the greater workings of the performing arts fields. This extensive course of study prepares them not only to go out into that performing arts field but truly makes them ready to apply those critical thinking and creative skills to any area of work or study in which they find themselves. We hope you will join us for one of our many performances, featuring our students in every role - both visible or behind the scenes - and consider having your students join us in the future.
AMPA Current Events
Dia de Los Muertos and Los Alebrije
On November 1st and November 2nd, Hamilton's Banda Los Alebrijes performed in for Dia de Los Muertos paying honor and respect to our past loved ones. Dia de Los Muertos is a celebration of life where families welcome back the souls of their loved ones for a brief reunion that the favorite meals and items of an individual. Thank you to Los Alebrijes for a wonderful and touching performance. 
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We've had a busy October! As part of our recruiting efforts we offered a set of Saturday Workshops to prospective students. The event was well attended and everyone had a great time learning about AMPA. Additionally we started our performance season with the production of Clue! This fun murder mystery had us dying of laughter. We are looking forward to our Fall Piano Recital this week and then quickly following the rest of our performances for the semester. More event details and tickets can be found at
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This past weekend, Ms. Miller's students performed their interpretation of Clue. The students bought laughs to the audience while invoking feelings of suspension and mystery reminiscent of the board game we all know and love.
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1AMPA is starting the year off with performance in mind. Ensembles have already begun preparations, students are gearing up for after school rehearsals, all with those scheduled stage dates at the forefront of their efforts. The marching band and dance team have already made their debut at the first home football game, but in not too much time Oct. will roll around with our first recitals and main stage productions! Stay tuned for more upcoming events and to follow up on the excellent work of our talented students.
Alumni Updates
Ayanna Thomas, AMPA 2020 Graduate, is working toward her performance dreams. Studying at Manhattan School of Music, she is currently performing regularly at various spots, as well as giving voice lessons in her spare time! We can't wait to see what she does next!
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Friends of AMPA is the magnet’s parent based program fundraising organization.  Click on image to find out more