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The School for Advanced Studies (SAS) is designed to support gifted and/or high achieving students and provide high-level academic rigor to serve their educational needs. The Hamilton SAS community serves students grade 9 through 12.  With two dedicated Academic Counselors: Ms. Melcher and Ms. Sackett, the SAS Program is designed to engage students with a variety of honors and AP courses. Gifted learners perform at remarkably high levels in comparison to their peers. SAS faculty engage in multiple trainings yearly to better serve the needs of gifted students.  


The School for Advanced Studies is a district wide program that serves Gifted and Talented students from across the city. Teachers in this program get special training each year as required by the district to best serve Gifted and Talented students. Students who want to be in the SAS program must apply and be accepted. The program is monitored by the district to make sure students are receiving the support needed to reach their goals.



Director's Statement
1Welcome to the School for Advanced Studies (SAS) here at Alexander Hamilton High School. My name is Edward Co and I am the Director for our small learning community (SLC). Our intent is to provide a climate of excellence and opportunity to support every one of our students. We have very talented student population and dedicated teachers that help our students strive for excellence. Our teachers are especially trained to provide the highest quality education for our Gifted and High Achieving Students, as well as caring for their wellness and wellbeing.
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Congratulations to our SAS Class of 2024 Co-Valedictorian Jennifer Flores and Co-Salutatorian Paula Jimenez!  Click here to see more images
Colleges the class of 2024 will be attending in the fall.
to our 200 students who earned a GPA over 3.5 this last Fall. Keep up the awesome work that you do! Collect an Honor Roll Magnet every semester as a sign of your amazing achievements.
Congratulations to this years Kaiser volunteers!
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Congratulations Class of 2023!