Communication Arts Academy » Leadership


CAA Leadership strives to improve not only our SLC, but the entire school.  We are determined to provide and overall best experience for all students.  Not only do you help your school, but you also gain skills that help to effect change.  It is made up of 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade CAA students. The meetings are held every Tuesday at lunch in 206.  Mr. Ledezma is the teacher sponsor.

Some of CAA Leaderships' activities are:

  • Welcoming events for Back to School night & Parent Conferences
  • Halloween Harvest Festival Game
  • Valentine's Day Weddings-During the week of Valentine's Day, CAA leadership will be performing weddings (not by a real officiant) to Hami couples. The newlyweds will receive rings, a marriage certificate, and a photo.
  • Community service opportunities for members.

Ongoing CAA Leadership activities and programs:

  • Tutor/mentor 9th grade CAA students.
  • Attend and speak at CAA Assemblies.
  • Attend Back to School Night and Open House to help students and parents and provide refreshments.
  • Make posters for Hami and the Art Department.
  • Work with the Art Department to install art shows.
  • Assist Ms.Bacon with various counseling activities.
  • Work with Fulfillment Fund on various projects.
  • Presentations and workshops for incoming 8th grade students.