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 Alexander Hamilton High School Hamilton is Comprised of 4 Small Learning Communities and 2 Magnet Schools

 The philosophy of the Business and Interactive Technology Academy (BITA) is to provide an engaging educational experience that incorporates rigorous academic standards while at the same time integrates business and technology skills across every discipline.  The BITA mission is to enhance the quality of students’ academic experiences through the use of technology and the integration of business principles.  BITA focuses on preparing students for careers in business, both as entrepreneurs and as skilled workers.  To do this, BITA strives to provide real world experiences for students in business related fields through partnerships, mentorships, internships, and field trips.   Further, honors and AP courses are available to BITA students.

 The Communication Arts Academy (CAA) is a college preparatory school with a focus on the visual and communication arts.  Students may major in fine art, graphic art, film and communication. Although the majors are geared toward the creative student, academics are a priority.  Honors and AP classes are an integral part of the curriculum.CAA is a Partnership Academy with special funding to provide smaller class size and exposure to colleges and the world of work through field trips (at least four per grade level), internships, community service, and work experience.  Interested students must submit a special CAA application to be admitted and must maintain GPA, attendance and behavior standards to remain in the program. 

 The Global Studies Program is a four year college preparatory program aimed at Hamilton High school students who are interested in the social sciences, such as history, world languages and English. From freshman to senior year, GS students fulfill rigorous academic requirements to prepare them for college entry.  They study international relations, marine biology and foreign languages as well as complete high school requirements for graduation. Global Studies students are encouraged to take Advanced Placement classes in a variety of subject areas beginning in the 10th grade.  The Global Studies program helps prepare students for academic achievement and careers in fields such as international trade and international diplomacy, tourism and hospitality.

 Mathematics Science Medicine (MSM) is a four-year college preparatory program focusing on motivating students in pursuing careers in mathematics, the sciences, and the medical and health professions.  MSM, established in 1999, encourages and supports the whole student:  academic development, career development, and personal/social development.  The program introduces students to a variety of careers, ensuring students meet A-G high school graduation requirements while preparing them to be academically competitive and college and career ready.  Our 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students are offered Advanced Placement classes in a variety of subjects. MSM students actively participate in their instructional classes and visit university and private research laboratories, hospitals, and other medical/health service agencies.