CAA Overview

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The Communication Arts Academy (CAA) is a college preparatory school with a focus on the visual and communicative arts.  Students may find a focus in Fine Arts, Graphic Arts, Film, and Journalism.  Although the classes are geared toward the creative student, academics are a priority.  CAA is a Partnership Academy with special funding to provide exposure to colleges and the world of work through field trips (at least 1 per semester for each grade level) and work experience.
CAA inspires students not only to value arts education but also to consider how to effectively communicate through oral, written, visual, artistic, and electronic means.  The courses are designed to encourage students to enhance and develop their capacities for critical appraisal, reflection, and expression, and to expand their participation in the communication-driven social and civic life of the twenty-first century.  Students are well prepared to enter an ever-changing world.
The teachers, administrators, staff, and parents of Hamilton High School believe in the dignity and worth of all students.  We are committed to creating and maintaining small learning communities in order to maximize the achievement of our diverse student population.
Director's Statement

My name is Jaime Ledezma and I am the CAA academy director.  I am committed to create the best possible learning environment for all of our students. By establishing positive relations with teachers, counselor, families, students and community CAA will be able to create an environment that promotes integrity, rigor, discovery and respect. The academy is a welcoming place where students experience the joy of learning through engaging opportunities that will prepare them to achieve their personal best. To my CAA family let’s continue to explore unity, the arts and powerful self-expression as a dynamic community in our complex world

CAA Enrichment
Brandon received a scholarship from LMU to attend their Summer Graphic Design for Publication program. He was able to gain exposure to the college experience, as well as continue his love of image-making.  He created assets for a magazine which could also be used in his portfolio. He developed conceptual and problem-solving skills and used them to create graphic form for digital Zine (e-magazine). The course covered the principles of design, word and image exercises, typographic hierarchy, generating powerful ideas, digital collages, and designing an interactive PDF.
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CAA Current Events 
On Thursday November 10, CAA student had the privilege to go on a field to LACMA and the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures where they got to see art works from different mediums inspiring them to think creatively and take what they learned back to the classroom to create their own art. 
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Welcome Week
CAA Student Leadership & Director Mr. Ledezma warmly welcomed each grade level back to school during lunch week 2 with a sweet treat, fun music, and encouragement on the 2nd floor of Brown Building, which is the CAA main floor/hub (attach photos).  Click on image to see more pictures
Guest Speaker
Digital Design Teacher Ms. Lujan and Director Mr. Ledezma welcomed local artist Todd Francis to discuss his career and artistic journey with the CAA students. Francis has worked with companies like Nike, Vans, and more notably his work with skateboard brand Anti-Hero
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Guest Speaker Ghetto Rodeo
CAA had guest speaker designer and operator of the brand Ghetto Rodeo, Brain Saucedo. Brain relayed his story inspiring students with his passion and encouraging them to follow their dreams despite surrounding circumstances in life. Brain gifted the student with free apparel highlighting his love for fashion and giving back to his community. The CAA capstone class will be collaborating with him Spring semester on clothing graphics.
For more information and support, make sure to follow on Instagram and @ghettorodeo on TikTok
Also make sure to check out @persona.theshop on Instagram
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CAA Life
Intro Graphic Design Class: Along with our industry partner Hook the students designed a sticker that is a representation of themselves.  It had to convey some aspects of who they are, which may have included their passions, hobbies, family background, or personal story (see attached sticker jpeg)
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Capstone Class: With our industry partner Hook, the students created band posters to promote a fictitious concert at the Forum.  This project culminated with 26 students receiving a certification for successfully completing the Sandbox Creative Mentorship Graphic Design Project. This student delivered the required graphic band poster for their final project, demonstrating their knowledge and skills in brainstorming, researching, typography, illustration, and layering techniques, among others design fundamentals covered during this mentorship program:






CAA News ArticleHamilton's Communication Arts Academy was mention in AgencySpy's news article "The Rising Marketer’s Guide to Hook’s Sandbox U Virtual Mentorship Program". This article highlights Hook’s ongoing partnership with Leila Lujan's Capstone Class which provides CAA students with one-on-one mentorship helping them compile a portfolio and navigate future hiring process. Click the link below to read more!
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Alumni Updates
The university community celebrates the accomplishments of our alumni and the impact they have every day around the world. For the latest news about the alumni community, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, like us on Facebook, join our LinkedIn group and the New School Network, and check out the #NewSchoolAlumni hashtag on social media.