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What's Happening at Hamilton?

AP Classes
1Hamilton High’s AP program boasts expert teachers, a wide range of college-level courses, and a track record of students accepted into prestigious universities. Enroll for a future of academic distinction!  Click here to see the classes we offer.
Small Learning Communities
9Hamilton offers a diverse educational experience through five specialized academies: The Academy of Music and Performing Arts for artistic development, BITA for business and technology integration, CAA for visual and communicative arts preparation, the Humanities Magnet for interdisciplinary liberal arts, and SAS for advanced studies catering to gifted students.  Click here to learn more

1Step into the virtual spotlight with our high school’s esports program, where every click and command can lead to legendary status. Our cutting-edge gaming environment is the perfect place to harness your passion, refine your skills, and join a community of gamers who play to win. Elevate your game, join our ranks, and let’s conquer the esports world together! Click here to see video

4Hamilton High’s athletic program shines with over 10 competitive sports teams and a volleyball squad crowned as division champions. Our HESPYS awards highlight the triumphs and talents within our sports community. Experience the spirit of victory and tradition of excellence at Hamilton.  Click here to learn more
Adidas Sound Lab
1In 2017 Adidas Originals Sound Lab was launched at Hamilton High School. The program was created to foster creativity and help young artists grow. We transformed the unused auto shop into a fully functioning music recording studio.  We are thrilled to offer this fabulous asset for our students to utilize as they build professional skills for a future in the music industry!  Click here to learn more.
5Discover the rhythm of your high school years at Hamilton’s vibrant dance program! Our state-of-the-art studios and passionate instructors provide an inspiring environment where creativity meets technique. Join a community that celebrates diversity in dance and nurtures talent at every level.  Click here to learn more
Video Production
1Step into the spotlight with Hamilton High’s cutting-edge video production class! Our class offers a hands-on experience with the latest technology in film-making, empowering you to bring your stories to life. Whether you’re a budding director, a future editor, or an aspiring cinematographer, our program is the perfect stage to hone your craft.  Click here to see one of the videos we created
1Students who attend Hamilton High School have many activities and groups to join that suit a variety of interests. Under the purview of our Associated Student Body (ASB), there are dozens of clubs and organizations operating, and if a student wants to start their own club they are encouraged to do so.  Click here to see all of our clubs.
Partnerships & Programs
1The Black Student Achievement Plan (BSAP) enhances Black students’ academic and socio-emotional growth, while Communities in Schools provides a network of support for student success. The Cultural Arts Passport program enriches students’ education with diverse cultural experiences in partnership with local organizations. Determined to Succeed offers holistic support from middle school to career placement, focusing on academics and family engagement. The Just Keep Livin’ Foundation motivates students to adopt healthy lifestyles, and UCLA’s After School Program fosters community involvement among youth. Lastly, the Wellbeing Center offers a safe space for health and mental wellness, including a Peer Health Advocate Program.  Click here to learn more.